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Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Tree: Construct a Ground Blind

These Michigan hunters construct an excellent ground blind and top off the camouflage with recycled Christmas trees.

Watch how George and his family make this deluxe ground blind in Michigan and top it off by using two artificial Christmas trees to masterfully camouflage the exterior. It is also a pretty funny video in parts too, with some good ribbing and jokes.

Get a couple of decades out of that artificial Christmas tree, then use it as part of your ground blind build. Talk about going green: you are recycling and saving trees by not cutting real branches for camo.

These guys have constructed an excellent ground blind that almost disappears into the forest. As George indicates in the video, he loves to hunt, but as he ages he wants to be a little more comfortable, yet stay hidden and keep his scent down. These are all excellent reasons to use a ground blind for big game hunting in your area.

How many times you have seen an artificial tree sticking out of a dumpster? Time to grab it and start constructing the perfect ground blind for the rest of this season and next.

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Recycle Your Artificial Christmas Tree: Construct a Ground Blind