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How Do You Recycle 20 Million Shotgun Shells? [VIDEO]

Agri Cycle of England has taken to recycling shotgun shells, and can recycle 20 million of them at a reasonable cost. Watch this video to learn how.

Places like the West London Shooting School have large amounts of shotgun shells that they have collected, but they don’t want to throw them in the landfill, or pay outrageous costs to have them recycled.

Luckily for them, and the rest of England, Argi Cycle has come up with a plan to recycle shotgun shells that is both environmentally and economically effective.

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Teamwork is the answer to recycling these shotgun shells. By working with the delivery companies, Robert Moore has made an effective business model. Trucks delivering clay pigeons to the shooting schools take empty carriages of shotgun shells back to Agri Cycle to have them processed.

Argi Cycle’s recycling plant converts 100 percent of the shotgun shells into reusable material for things like park benches and speed ramps, in the form of granulated plastic.

We could all take a lesson from Moore and his team, by working together for a greener planet.

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How Do You Recycle 20 Million Shotgun Shells? [VIDEO]