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Recurve Bow Hunting Goats in Australia [VIDEO]

Hunter goes recurve bow hunting goats to control their population in Australia.

In this video, Ulrik Orskov explains that the government spends $18 million to control non-native animal populations in Australia each year.

Is this hunter’s recurve bow hunting skills good enough to catch him? Watch the video to see if he got away!

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Australia is considering banning public land hunting, but this recurve bow hunter is an advocate for maintaining public land hunting licenses available to save government money and control non-native species. These hunters claim that they utilize all parts of the goat’s body to feed their families and aren’t just culling animals for fun and games.

This hunter’s skillful goat call gets a billy goat to come running towards him away from the mob. Once in range, the billy goat slowly realizes he’s been tricked and starts to take off.

Are you a fan of letting public land hunters control non-native species populations? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Recurve Bow Hunting Goats in Australia [VIDEO]