Recurve Bow Hog Hunt: Sow Down at Last Light

A couple of hogs made the mistake of stepping out in front of the Bayou Bowhunter on his recurve bow hog hunt. It was dark, but not quite dark enough to save them!

The Bayou Bowhunter was sitting in a prime stand for bagging a nice Louisiana buck when his deer hunt abruptly turned into a recurve bow hog hunt. A couple of hogs appeared just before last light. If they would have come out just a few minutes later, they probably would have been ok, but there was still just enough light left for him to bag one of them.

Since it was so dark, the footage is pretty grainy. However, it's still good enough to see what was going on. Make sure you watch all the way to the end, when he shows the hog's scapula (shoulder blade) and the damage his arrow did to it.

Great work! That's a really nice sow.

I'm pretty impressed with what that arrow did to the hog's shoulder blade. Not bad for a recurve bow with just a 50-pound draw weight, eh? Clearly, a skilled hunter using one of the best recurve bows is not at that big of a disadvantage compared to a hunter using a good compound bow, at least when pursuing hogs.

Keep up the good work!

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