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View the Record Whitetail Hunting Harvests By State

Check out the hunting harvests by state for whitetail deer.

Are your chances of filling your deer tags better than others? This map of hunting harvests by state will give you the answer.

Each deer season, thousands of hunters across the country turn their attention to the woods.

This year, it might be wise to put the odds more in your favor of tagging a trophy or filling your freezer by purchasing a license in another state. Simply by playing the record whitetail hunting harvest numbers on this map found on Imgur and oroginally shared on reddit, you might be better off making a few weekend trips to a high numbers area than spending time in the same old familiar woods all season long for nothing.


The first thing that jumps off the map to me is the high number or deer harvested in Wisconsin. I would have thought Illinois or Kansas would have had higher numbers just from the volume of reports we often hear coming from those states.

My home state of Indiana is a little surprisingly low in my opinion. One of my hunting buddies normally fires that many shots at deer—way out of his range—during opening weekend of gun season alone. We affectionately call him Rambo.

Is your state number better or worse than what you thought? Let us know!

Image via imgur

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View the Record Whitetail Hunting Harvests By State