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World Record Whitetail Buck: This Rack is Far From Typical [PICS]

Whitetail deer antlers

How can a 200-class buck beat the world record whitetail? Find out how one hunter’s buck did exactly that.

A world record whitetail can come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t believe me?

Hunter with deer
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Take Casey Orr’s non-typical whitetail he harvested in 2010, for example. The Boone and Crockett Club scored Orr’s buck at 216 6/8 inches. Although it’s a very impressive 200-class buck, it’s 904 places behind the #1 non-typical whitetail of all time. That buck, found in St. Louis County, measured 333 7/8 inches.

What sets Orr’s whitetail apart is the circumference of the antlers between the G1 and G2 points. Measuring 13 6/8 inches and 9 6/8 inches, the buck’s dimensions are recognized as the greatest circumference ever measured.

Orr first saw the buck’s impressive, palmated antlers in 2009 while scouting the family farm in Choctaw County, Mississippi. Sightings of the elusive buck were few and far between. Orr went archery hunting every chance he could, but the assistant high school coach was never presented with an opportunity to harvest the buck.

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The following year, sightings of the deer were sporadic but seemed to be centered near a trail used by the deer to cross a power line right-of-way. Orr’s plan was to build a crude hunting blind near the trail with natural materials and hunt the deer during primitive weapons season.

Whitetail deer
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On December 14, 2010, a favorable wind convinced Orr to use the blind he’d constructed. Near 4:00 p.m. on that Tuesday afternoon, Orr saw the palmated buck moving toward his blind. He shouldered his .444 Marlin and, at roughly 15 yards, placed a 265-grain bullet in the deer’s shoulder. Orr recovered the 4 1/2-year-old buck just 30 yards from where he took the shot.

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The buck was initially given a green gross score of 207 5/8 inches but, because of the difficulty, state biologists worked collectively to achieve an accurate score. Ultimately, Orr’s whitetail scored 216 6/8 inches and landed him in the record books… twice!

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World Record Whitetail Buck: This Rack is Far From Typical [PICS]