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Record Shot Standing with a .50 Cal Rifle [VIDEO]


You’ll really dig the latest shot from gun wizard Jerry Miculek.

I have a dare for you. I dare you to shoot 1000 yards with a Barrett .50 Cal rifle. That’s too easy, you say? Then how about shooting 1000 yards with a Barrett .50 Cal rifle while standing up?

Yeah I would pass too. Shooting a rifle of that size is usually enough to make anyone say ouch the first few times, let alone trying to shoot it standing up. It would knock most people over.

Never one to back down from a challenge or even just up the ante in a video, Jerry Miculek has decided that once again, he is going to try one of those impossible shots. After shooting this same rifle rapid fire, shooting 1000 yards while standing with a Barrett .50 Cal rifle is child’s play.

Oh and there is a twist. Check out the video to see

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Oh yeah! New record shot for Jerry to add to his list of accomplishments! He makes this stuff look easy. I’m impressed he was able to haul that beast of a rifle around to make that shot.

As always, Jerry Miculek leaves us in awe!

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Record Shot Standing with a .50 Cal Rifle [VIDEO]