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Record Shed Antlers Found with Facebook’s Help

These incredible record shed antlers took years to be measured. says when they finally were, owner Gary Reissmann had a new record with an official NASHC (North American Shed Hunters Club) score of 98 6/8”, three inches bigger than the previous world record for a five-point shed antler.

After a thoughtful Facebook post about the big bucks in the southwestern Wisconsin region by Reissmann, he received an anonymous message with a picture of the antler, the most impressive the shed collector had ever seen.

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A few back and forth messages later, Reissmann found himself driving to Sheridan, Illinois. It was there that a man who obtained it from a delivery person, who bought it off a farmer after seeing it nailed to his barn, was waiting to sell it to Reissmann.

world record shed 1

Hat tip to for this great story, and for bringing our attention to photos of the nicest naturally-detached antler we’ve ever laid eyes on.

We have to wonder, could that deer possibly still be roaming the wild? Or at least some of its offspring?


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Record Shed Antlers Found with Facebook’s Help