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WATCH: Record-Setting Spearfishing Freedive in Florida [VIDEO]

Spearfishing World Record Red Grouper

Cameron Kirkconnell executes a record-setting spearfishing catch for Red Grouper off Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Freedive spearfishing is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, forms of fishing. This video uploaded by Cameron Kirkconnell makes it look easy. But don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor and his effortless dives—freediving takes a lot of practice to perfect.

At a secret dive spot off Florida’s Atlantic coast, Cameron dives over 80 feet deep to find his prey. With one breath, he locates a hole, zeros in on a red grouper, and fires his spear gun. On a second breath he retrieves the grouper and grabs an eight pound spiny lobster on his way up. What a two-fer!

Cameron Kirkconnell resides in Orlando, Florida. He is said to be one of the most notable spearfishers of our day.

Cameron has set various spearfishing world records around the globe. Some of his biggest fish have been a 201 pound dogtooth tuna and a 280 pound blue marlin; both the current spearfishing world records.

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WATCH: Record-Setting Spearfishing Freedive in Florida [VIDEO]