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This Muskox is Probably Going to Break the World Record [PICS]

Check out the potential world record muskox in all its glory.

Brian Keith hunted what is likely to be the next world record for the species, as the Pope & Young Club announced.

The large male measured 127 1/2, which is more than the current shared world record by 2/8. A panel judging verification is pending.

Keith stalked the animal in Canada’s Contwoyto Lake region of the Nunavut Territory in August of 2013, in an uncommon summer hunt for muskox. They are normally hunted in the bitter cold of winter.


On the fifth day of the hunt, Keith successfully stalked the bull muskox and shot it with his bow.

The Keith family has been longtime supporters of the Pope & Young Club, and donate a whitetail hunt on their Texas ranch for P&Y’s Convention and auction each year.

The muskox is entered into the latest, ongoing 29th Recording Period, which is representing entries accepted into the P&Y Records Program from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2014.


Image via P&Y Club

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This Muskox is Probably Going to Break the World Record [PICS]