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Record Guadalupe Bass Caught in Texas, and It’s Still Alive!

A Texas man caught a record Guadalupe bass, and some ingenuity kept it alive and swimming.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, even its official state fish, which weren’t known to be lunkers until now.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a 3.71-pound Guadalupe bass was caught by Dr. Bryan Townsend of Austin on the Lower Colorado River just south of his hometown during an outing on February 1st.

Caught with a crawfish fly, the soon-to-be-record Guadalupe bass was reeled in after a “spirited battle” to a boat full of excited anglers. Townsend’s guide, Shea McClanahan from All Water Guides, had two semi-accurate scales on board, and after some measurements and nods of agreement they began the process of reporting it as a new state record. From Lonestar Outdoor News:

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department inland fisheries biologist Marcos De Jesus met Shea and his clients at the take out (location withheld by request). De Jesus took photographs, measurements of the bass’ length and girth, and a clipping of the pectoral fin to confirm the genetics of the bass. The fish was placed in an aerated cooler for transportation to the Cabela’s location in Buda, Texas. Using Cabelas’ certified scale with Shea and his clients present the fish’s official weight was recorded at 3.71 lbs., which breaks the current state record by .2 ounces.

Bryan fished with an Orvis Helios II flyrod, Mirage reel and a Gulley Ultra Craw fly pattern, making this an all-around attention getting story, especially since his prize fish is on display.

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While the fish may now be enjoying some well-deserved star treatment, the Guadalupe bass is not actually a bass at all. It is a member of the sunfish family Centrarchidae, which is probably why you won’t see this little guy on many bass anglers bucket lists. Nevertheless, we’re sure this was a trip that Dr. Townsend will never forget.

Photo by AWG

Have you ever fished for Guadalupe bass? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Record Guadalupe Bass Caught in Texas, and It’s Still Alive!