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Record-Breaking IBEW Bass Fisherman Was on 'Shark Tank' [VIDEO]

Greg Myerson is the record holder for the largest striped bass. He is also a businessman. 

Greg Myerson is a renowned bass angler. He currently holds the record for largest striped bass that was 54 inches long and weighed 81.8 pounds. That was back in 2011, when he beat his own record three times for the current standing. He caught these four record bass using a lure he designed himself- the rattlesinker.

See him try to persuade the investing sharks on ABC's TV show "Shark Tank" to invest in his lure company.

Myerson's rattlesinker is filled with glass and steel beads that mimics the sound of lobsters clinking over the rocks. His product has been proven to work from Myerson's own record striped bass.

In the end, Cuban did invest but not without the necessary drama only found in reality TV. Myerson went with Cuban's offer of $80,000 for 33 percent stake of the company before hearing Kevin's counter offer. Then the music gets dramatic...ah, reality television.

But Myerson's stoke in the end is genuine.

The celebrity entrepreneurs on "Shark Tank" include Barbara Corcoran, billionaire founder of Corcoran Realty; Daymond John, who owns FUBU clothing; Mark Cuban, founder of MicroSolutions and and also owning the Dallas Mavericks; Lori Greiner, the creator of QVC; Robert Herjavec; and Kevin O'Leary, who's usually the one who shakes things up on the show.

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Record-Breaking IBEW Bass Fisherman Was on 'Shark Tank' [VIDEO]