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Record-Breaking 102.9-Pound Catfish Caught

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Lower Otay Lake gives up a massive cat that crushes a 10-year record.

While competing in a bass tournament, Noy Vilanysane hooked into something that was not a bass. In fact, it was a 102.9-pound blue catfish. The catch surpassed the previous lake record of 98.45 lbs caught in December of 2007.

That is a massive catch, and remember I said he was fishing a bass tournament? Well, that means this massive cat was hooked on bass fishing gear: eight-pound test line on a spinning rod using a four-inch swim bait.

A video posted by Noy Vilaysane (@mystylenoy) on

Given the light tackle, and as you saw in the picture above, the size of the fish, it isn’t surprising the battle took about 1 hour. The fish was caught, weighed, and the catch was documented. Then this trophy was released alive to fight another day. Noy went back to bass fishing.

Blue catfish are often caught by bass anglers. While most catfish are thought to be bottom dwellers, blues feed on the same forage as bass, leading to some pretty epic fights on light tackle.

Noy’s fish is the second-largest blue cat caught in San Diego County. It is also quite possibly the largest caught in the state of California. The California state record still holds strong with a 113.4 pound blue catfish caught out of San Vicente Reservoir in 2008. The previous record was 101 pounds, caught in 2000.


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Record-Breaking 102.9-Pound Catfish Caught