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Record Bluefin Tuna Caught in North Carolina, Will Remain Unofficial


Beaufort, North Carolina is home to the new record bluefin tuna.

The record bluefin tuna, which reportedly weighed in at 1,005 pounds, was hooked on Tuesday, Jan. 13th at around 6:45 a.m. It put up a struggle that lasted over three hours and dragged the boat almost 10 miles across the ocean, before being finally landed and brought back to land.

This record bluefin tuna will remain an unofficial record because the fishermen who caught it are commercial fishermen. This did work in favor of the fishermen since they were legally allowed to keep the fish. The record bluefin tuna was an astonishing 113 inches long, which is 40 inches over the legal limit for recreational fisherman. The fish weighed 200 pounds over the current official record bluefin tuna which belongs to Corey Shultz from Oregon.

Record Bluefin Tuna
North Carolina Sportsman

Capt. Herb Sheades was glad to tell all about the experience that he and his mate Jonathan Anderson went through to haul in this huge fish.

Sheades says;

It was right off the beach in 35 feet of water. There’s tons of menhaden out there for them to feed on, and the gill-net boats are working close to shore, creating a chum slick that attracts the tuna.

Sheads also says that the fish was caught around 3.5 miles southeast of Beaufort Inlet and that he and Anderson were trolling with a blue and white ballyhoo skirt when the record bluefin tuna struck. Joe Shute, who makes and sells these lures in Morehead City says that blue/white, pink/white, and candy apple red lures have all been very productive in the area lately.

This hot streak of big fish in the Morehead City area is likely to continue well into the winter, so get your rods out of storage and head to the coast to try your luck. Who knows, maybe you can land the next official record bluefin tuna.

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Record Bluefin Tuna Caught in North Carolina, Will Remain Unofficial