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Record Bighead Carp Shot in West Virginia [PICS]

bighead carp
All images via Devin Walker

These bowfishermen went on a late night outing and landed a record bighead carp!

On May 28, Devin Walker and two of his buddies set out in their Jon boat to bowfish the Kanawaha River in West Virginia. It was a warm clear evening, and they expected nothing more than to shoot the usual common carp and buffalo.

At 11:30 P.M., Walker shot a bighead carp. It was his very first bighead carp, which is not usually found in the waters of West Virginia.

It took two arrows from a 45-pound bow to get the fish into the boat.

bighead carp

After Walker found out a bighead carp had never been shot in West Virginia, he took it to the Department of Natural Resources to be weighed and measured.

The bighead weighed 48 pounds and measured 51 inches long, and it is a West Virginia state record.

bighead carp

Bighead carp are an invasive freshwater species native to eastern Asia. These fish average 30 to 40 pounds and are common quarry for bowfishers.

Bowfishing is often done in the evening after dark, using lights mounted on a boat to spot fish.

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Record Bighead Carp Shot in West Virginia [PICS]