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Record 16-Foot Male Python Captured in Florida


A captured male python in Florida broke the state record and is the largest one caught ever.

The python epidemic of Florida continues with even more and bigger pythons. Researchers in Collier County have been tracking Burmese pythons for an ongoing study regarding pythons' habits.

Over the course of the three months, they have bagged more than 2,000 pounds of snakes. Recently, the most impressive snake was a python that measured to 16 feet and weighed 140 pounds. It's said to be the new state record for the largest male python caught.

Record Florida Male Python

The research team has been tracking snakes with radio trackers to learn their behaviors and find even more snakes.

How did this invasive species begin to catch so much traction? It's believed that pythons are released by pet owners or escape from breeding facilities. Some scientist believe pythons may be one of the region's top predators and have been changing the ecological landscape.

Overall, the research team has been successful at improving the situation with the invasive species by removing 2,000 pounds of snakes and have limited their breeding and egg hatching in the area.

They've captured males that are in "mating balls" with other males and female. The females are usually are filled with upwards of 25-75 eggs.

flordia burmese

Is the fight against pythons coming closer to end or just beginning? Thanks to these researchers, hopefully the invasive species will be closer to being controlled.


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Record 16-Foot Male Python Captured in Florida