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Rebranded Freedom Juice, a Gun Cleaner and Lube, Hits the Market In Time for Show Season

A new partnership and name puts Freedom Juice at the forefront of the outdoor show season.

Freedom Juice, the newly named and branded odorless gun cleaner and lubricant from Tec-Team Specialty Chemicals, will be making its debut at the Indianapolis ATA Trade Show this weekend, and follow with a presence at the Jim Shockey Clay Shootout during the Dallas Safari Club International Expo and the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

After an alliance with Shotfish Productions, the company that produces the Outdoor Channel's award-winning hunting TV series "Red Arrow," Tec-Team Specialty Chemicals will get help in the marketing and selling of Freedom Juice.

"We couldn't be more excited about this new partnership with Shotfish Productions and Red Arrow TV," said Karen Price, SVP of Tec-Team Specialty Chemicals. "With the outdoor sporting industry's expansion into favoring odorless and safe products, and Red Arrow TV's taking the lead in successfully promoting products to the outdoor sporting industry, we believe the partnership between Tec-Team Specialty Chemicals and Shotfish Productions will be a perfect match."

"We thought the product sounded great when we first heard about it, but it wasn't until we thoroughly tested it that we realized we had to have this product in our catalog," said Shotfish Productions President and Red Arrow TV Host, Kip Campbell. "There's no competition out there. Freedom Juice is naturally odorless and effortlessly removes years of carbon and black powder build up, while restoring accuracy back to all weapons. I've already used Freedom Juice with great success on firearms, knives, and archery equipment."

More info can be found on Freedom Juice's website, their Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Rebranded Freedom Juice, a Gun Cleaner and Lube, Hits the Market In Time for Show Season