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New Rebel Lures Are Just What Your Kids Need

Get your kids fishing with some Rebel lures made just for them!

Getting kids interested in fishing can oftentimes be a real struggle. Not only does it take patience and practice, but kid-sized and appropriate gear can be tough to find.

Sure there are rod and reel combos that are themed after favorite cartoon characters, and they are perfectly useful to teach a kid how to catch small fish with a worm and bobber. However, that is really only half of the equation. The artificial lures that usually come with the kid-themed rod and reel sets are almost always impossible to use effectively.

Although using a worm and bobber is a great way to introduce a youngster to the great sport of fishing, eventually the transition to artificial lures must be made. That is where Rebel Lures comes in. The venerated lure company has recently released a special line of artificial lures that are aimed specifically at young anglers known as the MicroCritters. These lures are not simply smaller versions of popular full-size lures. Instead, they were designed to solve several problems that young anglers face when using artificial lures for the first time, while also maintaining a very kid-friendly design that is appealing to them as well.

“Young anglers need lures that are safe for them to use by themselves. That’s what we made with the MicroCritter series – a high-quality line of lures that are fun for kids to use and safer than what’s on the market,” said Rebel Lures general manager Bruce Stanton. “And, they catch plenty of fish.”

Just one innovation that Rebel introduced to this line of lures was the replacement of the standard tiny treble hooks that are usually found on kid lures with a single barbless hook. Not only does this make the lures safer for young anglers, but it also simplifies the unhooking progress. This makes it easier to make a child comfortable handling fish in the correct and safe way for both them and their catch.

“We talk about these lures being safer for kids to use, but they’re also better for the fish, too,” said Stanton. “With easier hook removal, a youngster can get the fish back into the water faster, ensuring it’s there to help create another angler in the future.”

The MicroCritter lures are available in MicroCrawfish, MicroHopper, MicroMinnow, and MicroPop-R. They are attractive to fish of many different species and should have no problem helping a young angler catch fish during trips to the pond or lake. In fact, you might want to buy a couple extra for your tackle box too. You never know what the fish will be biting on any given day, and there is nothing better than a successful fishing trip with your child.

Do you think these lures will help more children become interested in fishing? Share your stories of introducing kids to fishing in the comments section below.


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New Rebel Lures Are Just What Your Kids Need