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How to Master Reassembling and Cleaning Fishing Reels [VIDEO]

The fishing offseason is a great time to do some major maintenance to your gear, including cleaning fishing reels.

Years ago, cleaning and reassembling a fishing reel was a piece of cake, but as the reels became more advanced, simple maintenance became a bit more complicated.

Reels these days are pieces of finely crafted machinery, and are loaded with small screws and springs. Have something handy to help you organize before you start to sort all of these pieces out and attempt to keep them together.

Knocking one of these small screws to the carpet can be very aggravating! They’re always likely to disappear, never to be found again.

The videos below will help you to thoroughly clean and lubricate your fishing reels whether they are spinning reels or bait casting reels. If you do not have the schematic of your reel, you can download them from that manufacturers website.

Check out these great videos for some detail on cleaning fishing reels:


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A few tips after each use of your fishing reel to keep things clean and tidy:

  1. Give the reel a light fresh water rinse, do not use a driving force of water as that will just push the moisture, dirt, or salt up inside the reel.
  2. Dry your reel with a towel. Do not use compressed air, as it will drive moisture into your reel as well.
  3. Try not to leave constant pressure on the spring loaded drag washers.
  4. Loosen your drag up after each use, but don’t forget to tighten it up before you try and set that hook!

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How to Master Reassembling and Cleaning Fishing Reels [VIDEO]