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Reality Check: Condition Orange and Red [VIDEO]

What the reality is when we have to go "red."

According to Col. Jeff Coopers Color Codes, we should be living out our lives in condition yellow. We should always be on the alert, but relaxed and paying attention. But there are times where we need to move to condition orange or even red. What is it like if we need should need to move up? What are some of the factors that we should be paying attention to? If we are paying close enough attention, we should be able to get ourselves out of the situation before we need to deploy deadly force.

Brad Ackman, Director of Training at Front Site Firearms Training Institute, shares with us the reality of what can happen in a blink of an eye when we need to move to condition orange and then condition red.

This is Episode 3 of a new series of series of videos that Front Sight has just started called "Reality Check." In each episode, they break down what the reality is of getting into a gun fight.

Always remember that the best gunfight won is the one that you never fire a shot in.

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Reality Check: Condition Orange and Red [VIDEO]