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Here is the Real Mongolian Barbecue, and It Will Blow You Away

Mongolian barbecue

Check out this video to see how traditional Mongolian barbecue is really done.

Many hunters are also outdoor chefs. After all, when you harvest tasty and healthy wild game, it only makes sense to know how to cook it. Some hunters are happy with just throwing some venison on the grill without much in the way of seasonings. Others take it to the extreme and prepare exotic dishes, like Mongolian barbecue, in their fancy outdoor kitchens.

Well, not matter what kind of intricate outdoor recipes or cooking implements you have, it won’t even compare to this video of Mongolian barbecue being done the traditional way. Learn how the native peoples of Mongolia prepared their goats for eating from harvest to table in the following video.

The dish shown in the video is a version of Mongolian barbecue known as bodog. It is a goat-based dish that requires a very drawn out process to make. It is incredible to watch how the recipe comes together using almost every part of the goat.

While this may not be a recipe to make at home, it would probably taste great after a long day of living the nomad lifestyle like the Mongolian people who invented the dish.



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Here is the Real Mongolian Barbecue, and It Will Blow You Away