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Real Life Rudolph Finds Himself Stuck on a Roof

Why would Santa leave one of his most beloved reindeer stranded on a roof? With the guy in the red suit nowhere to be seen, residents of this French village rally to the rescue.

Imagine your surprise to awake one morning to the unusual sight of a deer, Rudolph or no, standing on a rooftop.

This became reality for the residents in the small French village of Verneuil-sur-Indre, who were probably questioning whether Christmas had come early.


The deer in question is a Sika, a member of a species from South Asia, and one not native to this region. They are, however, present in some French parks as an attraction to the public, which in all likelihood is where this fella came from.

The rescue operation lasted more than three hours, and as the video illustrates, wet conditions forced this deer to use every last bit of its energy, balance, and survival skills.

What begs the question is – how did Rudolph get up there in the first place?

And also, will he be returning again Christmas Eve?


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Real Life Rudolph Finds Himself Stuck on a Roof