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Real Life Castaway Rescued by ‘River Monsters’ Crew

Alone and disoriented on a deserted island that lies 60 miles from the nearest town, a thirsting man is rescued by Jeremy Wade and the crew from Animal Planet’s “River Monsters”.

Though it happened in November 2015, the event is just now making news as the episode has recently aired.

Jeremy Wade and the film crew were in search of a rare fish called a Queensland Grouper and had headed into calmer waters. That’s when things changed. The crew saw a cooler on the nearby shore when suddenly a man emerged from a cave and began calling.

castaway 1
Washington Post

It is estimated that the man, identified in a news release by The Washington Post as Tremine, had left his fishing boat to dig for oysters. He ventured too far away and became disoriented and lost.

The crew took the distraught man on-board and did their best to hydrate him. However, he immediately threw up. Thew crew tried their best to make him comfortable and called in emergency medical services.

According to reports, Tremine was an experienced fisherman and knew the area. Many lessons can be taken from this incident, but there is one that is above all others. No matter what your level of experience is, never take anything for granted when in the outdoors.



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Real Life Castaway Rescued by ‘River Monsters’ Crew