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The Real (and Funny) Differences between Male and Female Anglers

Male and female anglers: it’s pretty clear there’s huge differences between the sexes, but have you ever wondered what happens when women fish?  

This video hilariously showcases the differences among male and female anglers, with a smelly twist at the end.

Curious about the real differences between male and female anglers? According to a study conducted in Minnesota, it was found that:

  • Men fish more days a year than women
  • Fishing was a more important part of a man’s life than a woman’s life
  • A man’s friendships focused more on fishing than a women’s friendships
  • Catching fish for food was more important for women than it was for men
  • It’s more important for men to catch trophy fish than it was for women
  • Men supported catch-and-release factors more than women
  • Women are more catch oriented than men
  • Women kept the limit more than men
  • Women tended to keep larger fish while more men released larger fish
  • Men tended to specialize their fishing more than women

It appears that indeed there are some differences in motivations for men and women anglers. While there were quite a few similarities, two things were apparent.

More women are enjoying fishing, and both sexes can catch fish.


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The Real (and Funny) Differences between Male and Female Anglers