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The Real Bigfoot Hunter [VIDEO]

Not today, not tomorrow, maybe not even next week, but one day we will find Bigfoot.

Hunters, researchers, scientists and amateurs have all spent countless hours and money trying to find proof that the legendary bigfoot really does exist. Less than conclusive evidence coupled with stories that many people would have to experience themselves to believe, have pushed the idea of the creature actually existing to a less-than believable level. That is unless David Lauer has anything to do with it.

Lauer is an avid hunter, as well as team member of a North Florida group called the Sasquatch Hunters. This teams spends almost every available waking moment combing the swamps of Florida on a mission to prove that the Florida bigfoot, or skunk ape, is real and living a very secluded life in the bogs of the Everglades.

This team was also featured on the television show The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, which promised to pay contestants 10 million dollars for the capture or DNA evidence of a living Bigfoot. No Bigfoot was captured during the filming of the show, but Lauer and his partner did win a $100,000 research grant as show’s winners.

In this news story, you will see exactly how dedicated Lauer is at attempting to capture proof that Bigfoot is out there.

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So far Lauer has several stories but little evidence to show any of his attempts will actually result in providing indisputable proof that a Bigfoot really does walk the swamps of Florida.

However, as long as people are out there searching for it, there is always a chance they just might find something after all.

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The Real Bigfoot Hunter [VIDEO]