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READYMAN’S Survival Card: The Most Practical Piece of Survival Gear to Date

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The survival gear designers at READYMAN hit the nail on the head with the Wilderness Survival Card.

Survival junkies and preppers are all about practical pieces of gear that can help your odds in surviving an emergency situation.

The folks at READYMAN put some serious thought into creating what may be the most practical piece of survival gear to date. Its called the Wilderness Survival Card and it has 22 key survival essentials all in one small package!

Take a close look at the card and all the featured items.

survival gear
Photo from: READYMAN

READYMAN’s Wilderness Survival Card comes with he following items:

  • Fishing Hooks (9 total)
  • Arrows (Trident, Small Game, Broad-Head)
  • Snare Locks that double as fishing lures
  • Awl
  • Sewing Needles
  • Tweezers
  • Saw Blades (course and fine blade edges)

What is great about this item is that it is extremely durable, practical, and ultralight. It can be stored in your bug-out-bag or survival kit, but fits perfectly in your wallet for everyday carry. Since most men carry their wallet everywhere they go, this truly is a genius design.

Here’s a close up of the arrow accessory.

survival gear

One look at this item is all you need to recognize just how rad it actually is. The card retails for $13.00 online and can be purchased on READYMAN’S website.

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READYMAN’S Survival Card: The Most Practical Piece of Survival Gear to Date