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Are You Ready for Rut Hunting? This Will Help [VIDEO]

This should get your blood pumping…

If you weren’t already excited for the rut and the rest of deer season to come, this video will get you in the right state of mind. From the crew at Sitka, this footage will give you chills and wish you were sitting in a tree instead of the office.

The rut is that mystical fantastic time of year that we wait on to arrive, so we can go climb our favorite stand and watch mother nature at work. All in hopes of seeing that buck of a lifetime while adding some meat to the freezer.

With one of the wettest years in many and the amount of food because of it, records are starting to fall already. Many bucks will have their best racks because of the plentiful food and ideal conditions, hopefully that fact plus your hard work will pay off and land you the buck of your dreams.

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Are You Ready for Rut Hunting? This Will Help [VIDEO]