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Ready to Get Lost? 5 of the Best Mazes in America [PICS]

Mazes are amazing, while being a bit scary. They make you think you will never escape but are a good mental workout. And some mazes in America are just really freaking cool. 

The words "maze" and "labyrinth" are now used interchangeably but traditionally a maze's purpose was to get lost while a labyrinth was used for inner contemplation. They have been somewhat conflated since modern mazes accomplish both the aims of a maze and a labyrinth; they get you lost in their acres of corn field and they also force you to think in order to get the hell out of them.

Even though the difference between a maze and labyrinth has been lost, they are still incredible works of art and some artists and maze-creators have gone all out. These are the best five mazes in America.

1. The Great Vermont Corn Maze

This maze is a dairy farm in North Danville, Vermont and there is a new design every year. It is three miles of twists and turns with 10- to 12-foot walls and even a 32-foot underground tunnel. People spend up to five hours lost in this maze so it is encouraged to bring water.

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2. Cool Patch Pumpkins

This maze, in Dixon, California, holds the Guinness Record for largest corn maze in the world.

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3. Corn Maze

This corn maze is in American Fork, Utah. It was built by Brett Herbst in 2000 depicting two dinosaurs. He is a professional maze builder. Yes, that is a profession.



4. Dole Plantation Pineapple Maze

This maze is huge, holding the original world record for the biggest maze on Earth. It is three acres with two-and-a-half miles of paths. Because it is in Hawaii, and it is Dole, there is a pineapple in the middle. The fastest maze escapees get their name immortalized at the entrance.

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5. Davis Mega Mystery Maze

This family fun complex has everything from zip lines, to pumpkin patches, to haunted fright nights, to outdoor laser tag, to a giant maze. See what extreme mazing is all about.


Some people just love the sensation of being scared and being lost in a maze for four hours will probably do that for you. You have to admit, these are pretty cool and make you appreciate the work that goes into cutting grass for our enjoyment.

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Ready to Get Lost? 5 of the Best Mazes in America [PICS]