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Reaching Critical Mass in the Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown [VIDEO]

What happens when you try to break an AR-15?

Admit it. There is a small part of you that has wondered how much it would take for an AR-15 to reach critical mass.

You’ve seen it on YouTube before where someone was shooting a rifle and it just finally broke. How much abuse did it take to get it to that point? Here’s your chance to find out. And safely, I might add.

Eric, IraqVeteran8888, takes a typical AR-15 upper and puts it on a M-16 lower to get as many rounds down range as possible.

Let’s watch Eric rain some 5.56 fire and brimstone down range.

WARNING: Do not do this at home. Your gun will fail and it will hurt you.


As you can see, the barrel and gas tube start to heat up pretty well until it finally gave up the ghost. The gun started, at times, to almost run away from all the heat-cooking rounds and at times even started to get a little sluggish. Thankfully the gas tube broke before something else did.

While most people would not be able to put that much torture on their guns, this does show that AR-15s can break and when they do, they do so with a pretty epic meltdown.

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Reaching Critical Mass in the Ultimate AR-15 Meltdown [VIDEO]