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Razor Clamming in Oregon is Back and It’s as Good as Ever

After losing the season last year, razor clam lovers in Oregon are back to the beach and loving it!

Oregon’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has posted another in the Grant’s Getaways series of outdoor videos showing the wonderful experience of digging for razor clams on the coastal beaches.

After an outbreak of a naturally occurring biotoxin known as domoic acid was found in the shellfish in the spring of 2015 the season that never was came to an abrupt stop. Currently, the alert level is over and clamming is back for the hardy beach combers that love to collect these delicious clams.

Here’s a great look at how it’s done along with some terrific information about clamming and the folks who enjoy doing it.

Also included in the post is a step-by-step guide for folks interested in digging up their own delicious clam dinner. The basic requirements are a shellfish license for anyone 12 and older, and you must dig your own clams- keeping those clams in your own container. 15 clams daily is the limit.

Add to the fact that it’s a great experience for kids, you can potentially come home with a tasty treat for all. Here’s to a great harvest this year and many more to come!



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Razor Clamming in Oregon is Back and It’s as Good as Ever