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Ray Mears Demonstrates a Primitive Method for Cooking Deer Liver

If you’ve ever wondered how ancient people cooked deer liver you will appreciate this Ray Mears demonstration.

Most hunters are familiar with the idea that ancient hunters nearly always used the organs of the animals they harvested. In fact ancient hunters often preferred the organs over the meat. This is possibly because of their strong taste, because of their nutrient dense properties, or some other reason all together. Whatever the reason, organs such as heart, liver, and kidney used to be first class campfire cuisine. At times organs such as liver were eaten raw, but cooking these organs was also popular.

Today few folks out there have the stomach for uncooked organs. Most people who eat their organs opt to cook them. There are a variety of ways to prepare the various organs available at harvest. For those who ponder the old way though, there is little to go off regarding how people used to cook deer liver.

Renowned bushcrafter Ray Mears has put together a video for anyone interested in using deer organs, primitive skills, or history in general. Watch as Mr. Mears demonstrates the primitive way of cooking deer liver.

I’m always amazed at how simple, yet efficient, traditional skills like this are. Cooking deer liver is a great example. There is no need for a fancy smoker, exotic spices, or some kind of packaged and processed food. Just some coals, a fresh deer liver, and a bit of quiet time to let it cook. As you watch the video it is difficult not to imagine Paleo hunters enjoy the exact same meal around a similarly smokey fire.

Hopefully this fall will find you approaching a downed deer or other game animal. If you have the inclination I hope you take advantage of the organs available at harvest. If you also have the inclination to try out some primitive skills, I hope this video will offer the guidance to walk in the footsteps of the past.
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Ray Mears Demonstrates a Primitive Method for Cooking Deer Liver