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Use This Ravean Sleeping Bag Liner to Revolutionize Camping

Ravean via Kickstarter

Transform your cold weather sleeping bag with a heated liner.

The guys over at Ravean are at it again, this time with heated liners for your sleeping bags we know you're sure to love. From the creators of Kickstarter's first heated down jacket, Ravean has found a new purpose for its cold weather technology.


In their second campaign on Kickstarter, the Ravean team has created not one, but two awesome options to transform the way you sleep on cold nights in the mountains. With the technology, the team at Ravean claim that they can transform even a sleeping bag with a mild temperature rating into a bluster busting cocoon of warmth and happiness.

Options for sleeping bag liners include a traditional mummy-bag liner as well as a wearable, jacket-style liner that can be worn outside the sleeping bag as well.

Ravean Sleeping Bag Liner- Photo Credit: Ravean via Kickstarter
Ravean via Kickstarter

The Kickstarter fundraising goal for the sleeping bag liner project was $20,000, which was quickly surpassed, with the goal reached only 15 minutes after launching on April 13th. Now with a little over two weeks remaining, the campaign has raised the Ravean team over $165,000 and shows no signs of slowing.

Multiple options are still available for potential backers, but don't wait long. There is limited availability for early bird pledges remaining. Click here to see the Ravean Kickstarter Campaign.


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Use This Ravean Sleeping Bag Liner to Revolutionize Camping