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Rattlesnake Wrangling - Don't Try This at Home

A snake wrangler picks up a fat, coiled rattlesnake. Then he steps over, kneels down and picks up another. That's right, two coiled rattlesnakes.

Montgomery, Texas resident Joe Svadlenak has been "messing with snakes a long time". Here he proves himself to be something of a rattlesnake charmer as he palms two coiled rattlers.

He gingerly palms one and then...did you hear that rattle! Then even more deliberately he palms the other. One in each hand, like a couple of pancakes. Deadly pancakes, the kind of pancakes that uncoil and turn to bite you. But Svadlenak holds them with confidence and sureness.

"Get some pictures for me," he says.

Svadlenak says that snakes "are like humans and dogs, they all have their own temperament and character."

He also says, "I've done this in all four seasons of the year. Summer, winter, spring and fall. It doesn't matter as long as you know what you are doing and respect the snake!"

I prefer to respect my rattlesnakes from a distance, thank you very much!


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Rattlesnake Wrangling - Don't Try This at Home