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Rattlesnake Den in New York is Even Better in Time Lapse

The rocks and crevasses of southern New York state can hold reptiles such as the timber rattlesnake.

When you hear the phrase 'native New Yorker' you probably don't think of rattlesnakes, but the reptiles are certainly part of the natural landscape particularly in the southern tier of the state.

Game cameras have many great uses and one of them is watching snake dens such as this one so as not to disturb it and make observation safe.

Timber rattlesnakes in New York will stay active deep into September until temperatures reach the low 60's. As you can see the den remains active even after dark with snakes of various sizes coming in and out at will.

Whenever hiking these areas, particularly areas with obvious rock outcroppings that have places for the reptiles to hide, make sure to wear leather hiking boots with minimum over the ankle height and pants. Some experts recommend even knee high boots or at least chaps for your ultimate protection.


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Rattlesnake Den in New York is Even Better in Time Lapse