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Extreme Close up of a Rattlesnake Biting a GoPro

rattlesnake bites a GoPro

Most people see a snake and move away, but there are some who move closer. That's what these guys did, and they got footage as a rattlesnake bites a GoPro.

Rattlesnakes are not an animal to play around with. When you see one you should steer clear; not only for your safety, but for the sake of not bothering and stressing the snake. But not everyone follows this guideline; this guy wanted to see how close to the snake he could get.

Luckily for us, the camera was rolling when the rattlesnake bites a GoPro.

While this is awesome footage and amazing to see, we do want to remind you again not to mess with wild snakes. If you choose to mess with the animals you are disturbing them in their own environment and putting yourself at extreme risk of being injured and possibly killed all for the sake of entertainment.

At least this time, the GoPro was the only thing that got bitten; and we know it is tough enough to handle an animal bite.

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Extreme Close up of a Rattlesnake Biting a GoPro