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Rat Snake Attacks Customer at Mississppi Hardware Store

Rat snake

A customer at a Lowe’s Hardware store in Mississippi got a rude surprise when a rat snake hiding in a cabinet bit him on the face when he opened the cabinet door.

Yes, you read that right: a rat snake bit a man on the face in a Lowe’s Hardware store in Corinth, Mississippi. The man was apparently shopping for new cabinets when he opened one that happened to have a rat snake hiding in it and got the surprise of his life.

The snake was still stuck to the man’s head when police arrived, and they finally had to cut the head off of the snake in order to remove it. Luckily, rat snakes aren’t poisonous, so the man’s injuries were minor, though I’m sure he got quite a fright when that snake lunged at him.

It is unknown how the snake got inside the cabinet or what it was doing there. However, rat snakes are excellent climbers and are quite often found inside buildings as they search for warm places with access to food.

According to herpetologist Terry Vandeventer, of Byram, Mississippi:

The one snake that is most frequently found in houses in Mississippi is the rat snake. They are the best climber in Mississippi.

Though that man was not seriously injured by the snake attack, I’m sure he’ll be a lot more careful when opening cabinets from here on out.

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Rat Snake Attacks Customer at Mississppi Hardware Store