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Those Rascal Raccoons Are Getting Smarter [VIDEO]

Are urban raccoons smarter than their rural cousins?

One researcher with National Geographic seems to think so. Suzanne MacDonald and her team have been setting up research sites all over suburban Toronto; after placing a can of open cat food in the bottom of a secured garbage can, they then set up a motion-activated camera to record what happens.

“Getting into our garbage is actually a hard problem,” MacDonald says. “None of the rural raccoons were able to figure it out.”

Not only will MacDonald’s research help scientists understand how animals adapt to human pressure, it also provides us with some pretty entertaining video. Check out what happens when raccoons encounter a locked trash can here.

Videos involving raccoons getting stuck in something can be a great way to pass the time, so be sure to check this video of a raccoon who got his head stuck in a jar.

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What steps to you take to keep raccoons and other scavengers at bay? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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Those Rascal Raccoons Are Getting Smarter [VIDEO]