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Rascal Flatts Singer Smokes an Iowa Non-Typical Buck [VIDEO]

Watch Gary Levox of the Rascal Flatts arrow a gnarly Iowa buck.

Did you know the Rascal Flatts singer was an avid whitetail deer hunter? Me neither, but he smokes a gnarly whitetail in Iowa with the Drury Outdoors team in this clip.

Watch Gary Levox shoot a non-typical Iowa buck.

This buck is pretty gnarly and Levox puts it down with a solid shot. Notice that Gary Levox shot this Iowa non-typical during a full moon phase.

Each and every one of these videos is amping up the excitement for the rut. Are you ready to hit the stand for the most magical time of the year?

Levox had to wait a few years to get his Iowa tags. If you’re even thinking about hunting in Iowa go ahead and start applying a few years ahead of time to get some points for drawing a tag.

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Rascal Flatts Singer Smokes an Iowa Non-Typical Buck [VIDEO]