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Rare White Stag Caught on Film

People have been flocking from all over to catch a glimpse of this white stag. 

An extremely rare white stag has been seen grazing around RSPB Arne reserve in Dorset, United Kingdom. Onlookers, who have been taking pictures of this magnificent sitka deer, have likened it to something out of King Arthur, or even Harry Potter.

Considering the white stag has been in a fixture in folklore and mythology the world over, it’s no wonder this deer has become a global sensation.


According to the report, this white stag is estimated to be around four years old. It is also a part of a herd consisting of approximately 150 other deer. Officials at the reserve do not believe that this sitka deer is an albino, instead, they think it is suffering from a disease known as Leucism.

With this condition, animals lose the natural color of their fur.


“Nationally, white stags still have this sort of mythical status. Arne is the only place I have seen a white one,” said Luke Phillips, a visitor to the reserve. “This stag definitely stands out from the rest of the herd. They are visible but they do tend to run off when people are around so it is rare to see. When people are lucky enough to see him, it’s always the real highlight of their visit and they come back really excited to have spotted him.”


Regardless if this deer has any mystical powers or not, it is still pretty cool to get to see. The people who can witness it in person are the real lucky ones, but for the rest of us, we at least can see it in pictures.

All images via Daily Mail



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Rare White Stag Caught on Film