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Rare White Porpoise Sighted in Denmark [VIDEO]

A rare white porpoise was spotted in the Baltic Sea near Denmark, and the usually shy creature seemed to be enjoying the fuss.

Harbor porpoises are native to the colder waters of the Baltic Sea, but are known to be shy and elusive creatures.

Although normally dark to near black in color, this porpoise was pure white and quite ready for its cameo on film.

While rare, a white porpoise may have a place in nature with other like “pigment challenged” species.

The harbor porpoise is known to be one of the only cetaceans that use the Baltic as a home area. Since they have little or no enemies in the region, these animals can count only human activity as a cause for concern.

Being that this one in particular seemed to be having a good time, we may get to see him again.



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Rare White Porpoise Sighted in Denmark [VIDEO]