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Rare White Deer Spotted in Oregon

This view of a rare white deer comes from Oregon, sure to be one of the strangest sights you see all season.

During this time of year, seeing a buck sends electricity through a hunter’s spine with the anticipation of the open season’s harvest.

But seeing a buck with coloring that resembles a dairy cow is something completely different.

That’s what Larry and Mary Harris of Damascus, Oregon stumbled upon while driving on Southeast Regnor Road in Gresham last Sunday, according to The Oregonian.

Larry snapped the above photo and sent it to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, who sent word back that it was a rare piebald deer, known by its genetic disorder that gives it the strange appearance.

Piebalds are legal to hunt in Oregon, so if you’re in the field and come across a white deer like this rare specimen, it looks like you’ll have a decision on your hands.

The breed of deer usually suffer from defects and live short life spans, proving the luck of the Harris family and providing the rare photographic evidence.

Featured photo via Larry Harris,


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Rare White Deer Spotted in Oregon