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Rare White Deer Poached in Iowa [VIDEO]

A locally-revered white deer poached in Prairie City, Iowa has saddened residents familiar with the animal.

An albino animal in the wild is always an interesting sight, but when one is found dead, with parts of its body harvested with the remains left for scavengers, it can be a disappointing matter.

That's what residents of Jaspar County, Iowa, a heavily-rural area not far from Des Moines, are facing after hunters discovered a 10-point albino buck carcass, according to the Des Moines Register.

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"We've been watching the white deer for about five or six years now," said Jaspar County's Vance Van Houweling in the Register piece. "Everybody enjoyed it -- the whole town knew about it."

The carcass of the rare white deer had the antlers sawed off, leading locals to believe it was indeed poachers who knew what they were doing was illegal. The state of Iowa made it unlawful to kill white deer in 1987.

Here is video of the story from NBC WHO-HD in Iowa:

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According to the Register, a hunter has admitted to killing the deer, but denied doing so intentionally or taking its antlers. The man was applauded for his honesty, but also fined $127.50.

Have you ever seen an albino deer? Would you take a shot at one if you had it? Share your thoughts below.

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Rare White Deer Poached in Iowa [VIDEO]