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Rare White Buck Taken by Muzzleloader Hunter in North Carolina

white buck
North Carolina Sportsman

North Carolina hunter takes a pure white 6-point buck.

It's still fairly early in the season, but this has been quite the year for white or albino deer already. A North Carolina hunter harvested the third (that we know of) in the U.S. this year on November 4.

North Carolina Sportsman reports Will Adkins took his unique prize on November 4 in Orange county. It doesn't appear the animal is a true albino, since it lacks the pink eyes and nose, but it is still an animal most hunters will never harvest. Like many a good deer story, the white buck was a complete and total surprise.

Adkins had scouted and was hunting a completely different bigger buck.

"He's a 150-class buck, and I'd let him walk several times over the years, letting him reach his full potential," Adkins told North Carolina Sportsman.

So, when a cold front came through, Adkins became pretty excited, thinking it was a great time for the large buck to potentially move, and he took the day off work to sit in his box blind with his muzzleloader. But fate had a different buck in mind for Adkins.

white buck
North Carolina Sportsman

Unfortunately, things were a little slow, and he decided he'd leave his blind at 10 a.m. That's when, suddenly, the white deer appeared. Unbelievably, not only had Adkins never seen the deer before, but he had also never gotten a trail camera photo of it. The hunter's reaction was about what you'd expect.

"It really caught me off guard," he told North Carolina Sportsman. "It's just something I never expected to see."

Not that shooting a white deer was something he hadn't thought about in the past, mind you.

"I'd been asked by people over the years if I'd shoot a white deer if I ever saw one, and I never really knew," he said. "But when I saw this deer, I didn't even think about it."

So when the buck stepped into an opening at 60 or 70 yards, Adkins took the shot. The buck only went about 30 yards.

This is at least the second white deer taken in North Carolina this year. The other was taken by Will Hadley, but Hadley's deer was a true albino.

The only other white deer we currently know of being harvested was also an albino, but that buck was taken in Boise, Idaho.

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Rare White Buck Taken by Muzzleloader Hunter in North Carolina