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Rare White Bluefin Tuna Sold in Tokyo

Japan News

Last week, a rare white bluefin tuna was imported to Tokyo's Tsukiji Market.

The bluefin tuna was a waxy white when it recently appeared at the Tsukiji Market. The white fish, weighing about 260 pounds, was airlifted into the market from Bali, Indonesia. A wholesaler told reporters the fish was white because of a lack of pigment in its body.

The white bluefin tuna was sold at average market price to the successful bidder, who told reporters, "The [tuna's] meat is stable red and the quality is good."

The whole white bluefin tuna will be displayed at a restaurant in Tokyo's Shibuya district.

"I've never seen such a tuna," said a wholesaler.

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Rare White Bluefin Tuna Sold in Tokyo