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Rare Piebald Fawn Born in Georgia Wildlife Sanctuary

Here's one you don't see everyday.

On Thursday, a doe at the University of Georgia Deer Research Facility gave birth to a rare piebald fawn.

It was born with another fawn, a regular brown-colored whitetail. Researchers are not sure which deer is the father of the pie-bald fawn.

Piebald fawns are a rare occurrence in nature. Unlike albinism, creatures with piebaldism have patches of unpigmented spots on their fur or skin.

Deer afflicted with the condition often suffer from deformities. The pie-bald fawn in the video below suffers from a severe overbite - also known as "parrot jaw" - and extreme scoliosis. It will have to walk on its knees for the rest of its life.

All that aside, this Georgia piebald fawn is a little peach. Take a look.

Piebald fawns are rarely seen in nature. Part of that is due to their lack of natural camouflage. Piebald have white coats that are that much more visible to predators. And, their deformities tend to slow them down.

Luckily, the piebald fawn in the video above will spend its days in a protected wildlife sanctuary.

Have you ever seen a piebald fawn or deer? Share your story in the comments section below. 

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Rare Piebald Fawn Born in Georgia Wildlife Sanctuary