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Rare Photos of Johnny Cash Hunting [PICS]

 All images via Johnny Cash Infocenter

The man in black was not only great on stage, but also in the field. Check out these rare photos of Johnny Cash hunting and enjoying some quality time in the outdoors.

A Facebook fan group called the Johnny Cash Infocenter has over 1500 images of the music legend available to view. Among them were some shots of Johnny Cash hunting when he wasn't on the road performing.

Several of the photos were originally published in Gun World magazine in an article about moose hunting. According to Sporting Classics Daily, Johnny managed to bag a moose within the first 30 minutes of the hunt.

It is also very interesting to note that the images that appeared in Gun World were taken before Johnny's music career really took off.

Without further ado, enjoy the pictures of Johnny Cash hunting below.

Johnny taking a break while on the hunt.
Knife. Radio. Rifle. Johnny is ready.
Knife. Radio. Rifle. Johnny is ready.

The rifle Johnny carries on this hunt, which can be mostly clearly seen in the above picture, is most likely a Mannlicher-Schoenauer rifle with a double trigger.

Johnny cash taking aim with his Mannlicher-Schoenauer.

This picture offers another great view of the rifle that Johnny was carrying on his moose hunt. Notice the double trigger.

Rifle at the ready.
Johnny keeps an eye out for moose from the boat.
Using the water to scout for moose.

These incredible images of Johnny Cash hunting offer a look at a future music legend before he hit the big time. These photos were taken before his famous show at Folsom Prison, before he married June Carter, and before he struggled with drug use. He seems to be in his element in these photos. As well all know, time in the outdoors is extremely rewarding and relaxing. It is easy to see that Johnny felt the same way.

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Rare Photos of Johnny Cash Hunting [PICS]