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Rare Melanistic Deer Fawn Gets Reunited with Mom

With a bit of guidance, this bouncy melanistic deer fawn finally finds mom on the other side of the fence.

A melanistic deer is quite rare. In fact, much more rare than an all-white or piebald variety. It is an overproduction of melanin that is responsible for turning their hair black. So, imagine the surprise when Clint Costanza came across a melanistic fawn that had become separated from its mom by a chain link fence.

The discovery happened in Moab, Utah, on a nice sunny day. And with a bit of guidance, the story had a happy ending.

Watching this cute fawn bounce with endless energy sure is adorable. Better yet, is seeing the pair reunited at the end.

A tip of the hat to Constanza for his good deed of the year. And also for giving us a rare glimpse of a color variation that we will probably never see.

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Rare Melanistic Deer Fawn Gets Reunited with Mom