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Rare Look Inside Antarctic Explorers’ Huts [VIDEO]


Antarctica's original explorer's huts are finally conserved.

In the early 1900s, explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton set up huts in Antarctica. For the last 10 years, scientists have been conserving those huts, which have been affected by ice and wind, to preserve the memories of the men who once lived there. Scott never returned from his expedition. After much effort, these huts are finally ready for a new generation.

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Scott and his exploring team were the first to prove that Antarctica was once connected to the other continents. He found plant fossils that showed evidence of this. Unfortunately, he and his team died of starvation and exhaustion before they could return.

Free water from the local beach caused a lot of damage to his hut over the years. Vapor would freeze and condense in the walls which caused further damage. Scientists have finally been able to stabilize the huts. They now predict that the huts will last another 35 years thanks to conservation efforts.

These huts contain memories of the aspirations that these explorers had. They will serve as an example to the next generation.

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Rare Look Inside Antarctic Explorers’ Huts [VIDEO]