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Rare Glimpse Inside Nest with the New Osprey Cam [VIDEO]

The National Audubon Society recently placed a camera inside of an osprey nest. Now you can see the world of a new hatchling up close.

The first one of three osprey eggs has hatched and now it’s up to mother to take care of everybody.

With the new osprey cam we get to see a top level predator, with the talons to match, be as gentle as a lamb with her newly hatched chick and two unhatched siblings.

Ospreys are found on all continents except Antarctica. This fish eagle subsists almost exclusively on fish and, with its specialized hunting ability for them, it does not usually go hungry.

An osprey nest can consist of larger twigs and branches and is usually located high on a cliff, rock outcroppings, and even power poles.

It’s amazing to see such subtlety and grace in a bird that will rip a fish to shreds. Those eggs are well protected, although one wonders how that first hatched chick is doing after mama sat right on her head.

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Rare Glimpse Inside Nest with the New Osprey Cam [VIDEO]