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Rare “Ghost Shark” Caught by Canadian Fisherman [VIDEO]

This ghost shark went to the grave hook, line and sinker.

A week after the Nautilus captured a rare ghost shark on camera, a Canadian fishing vessel pulled this one out of the water in the Davis Straight between Canada and Greenland, as detailed in this video by PatrynWorldLatestNews.

The catch is notable, because there’s only been one other instance of a ghost shark caught in the last 20 years. They normally dwell at a depth of between 2,000 and 3,000 meters.

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The ghost shark, or long-nosed Chimera, was initially thought to be the similarly whimsically named “goblin shark,” but was later identified as a Chimera by a Nigel Hussey, a researcher at the University of Windsor.

The fish was caught by a Nunavut fishing boat. The Nunavut Territory is the largest, youngest North Western Canadian territory, and although it was made its own territory by the Canadian government officially in 1999, there have been indigenous peoples living (and fishing) in the region for more than 4,000 years.

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Rare “Ghost Shark” Caught by Canadian Fisherman [VIDEO]